Healthy food for women is a healthy organism, the fantastic and spectacular
Healthy food for women is a healthy organism, the fantastic and spectacular appearance! Part 1. As many have already said about healthy food, balanced nutrition, and sleep and rest, special food, filling gaps in the…


Fitness home workout
Fitness home workout If you will soon be able to boast erections to increase your how to quit Smoking traditional medicine flexibility Goji berry use excellent physical shape. Gymnastic bridge drops from alcohol drops very…


Charging in the workplace
Charging at the workplace Become increasingly popular occupations related to the work on the computer. This means motionless stay in one position throughout the working day. Very often even without a lunch break. Because of…


How to exercise on the elliptical treasure

How to exercise on the elliptical trainer to lose weight

How to exercise on the elliptical trainer . In order to answer the question of how to exercise on the elliptical trainer . we need to investigate the peculiarities of its structure and the specific effects on the body. The effect of sports on the elliptical trainer with regular and persistent training, can easily surpass the effect of any, even the most strict diets. In addition, the full impact on different groups of muscles not only help you shed excess body fat, but also tighten figure. Elliptical trainer is a hybrid of several more primitive equipment, namely, stationary bike, stepper and treadmill, which we have already told you. He took from each of them

best, and appearing quite recently (in 1995), became a new word in the development of fitness.

Walking and running on an elliptical trajectory are considered to be probably the most effective means of influence for the main groups of our muscles. All parts of your body move synchronously and harmoniously. It kind of reminds Nordic walking. however, Continue reading

The benefits of swimming

Find your sport

The benefits of swimming

The human body is 80 percent water, the formation of the child in the womb occurs in water. Water is clearly a close person elements, it is therefore not surprising that being in the water gives so many positive emotions as a child and an adult. In addition to pleasant pastime, swimming is also a great way to strengthen your body. The benefits of swimming finds use in the therapeutic methods used in rehabilitation. Swimming – this is a great opportunity to spend time with health benefits, and one of the most popular


Swimming, unlike many sports, is one of the least traumatic, injuries in swimmers happen relatively rarely. The main reason for this is the fact that when swimming does not occur extreme strain on particular joints or muscle groups. Being in the water, the body is supported by water, and the load is equally distributed on all the joints and muscles.

During Continue reading

How to choose trenger

How to choose a trainer?

Strength training designed to develop specific muscle groups. They, of course, of great benefit for the health, but choose them wisely, then multi-function “machine” does not become an unnecessary thing, standing in the corner. There are things the benefit of which is not questioned, even when they are idle (for example, metal medical cabinets ), but the trainers are clearly in this category are not included.

In principle, it makes no sense to buy 20 of trainers for each muscle group, and they simply will not fit in the apartment, or have to withdraw for

housing a gym. Long known optimal low, which helps to hold, easy fitness training and heavy athletic activity is matched dumbbells, bench with backrest tilted patterned barbell and a rack for squats. When folded they take place not more than a bed functional two-piece. Thus in this simple range you can work out every muscle group.

But there is a category of machines that replace the tedious and sometimes impossible running down the street, training the heart, breathing, and endurance of man, is a variety Continue reading

Invaluable experience how practicing yoga

Invaluable experience: how much do yoga

What will the cost of yoga classes . Sure, this question bothers many. However, you must remember that he belongs to the category rather rhetorical than those to which it is possible to give a definite answer. Yoga is not fitness, but a system of self-discovery. How much money, time and effort you are willing to spend on it – it’s up to you.

First of all, the level of payment practice depends on in what format is your yoga practice. If you decide to choose a long and thorny path of yoga mastering yourself, you will at best have to spend on a special Mat, the

equipment the beginner and a few videos of the lessons of the world’s leading practitioners.

If you decide to visit a yoga centre and engage with the instructor in the group, the path to mastering the practice will be much shorter, but also more expensive. So, the trainer will teach you to breathe correctly, will teach the technique of execution of the asanas and their ligaments, and also enlighten about the theoretical component. The cost of one of the classes varies from 200 (in the regions) Continue reading

Healthy teeth — healthy body

Healthy teeth — healthy body

If the eyes — the mirror of the soul, then teeth — it is a mirror of health. Dentists have long found that proper care of the mouth gives more than just the prevention of tooth decay and various gum diseases. About how the health of the oral cavity is linked to the health of the entire body, MED-info says the dentist, candidate of medical Sciences Igor Lemberg . expert Colgate Total.

The relationship between oral health and overall health noticed by the ancient healers. Later in medicine was dominated by the view of the local

nature of dental disease. Very few people thought that the relationship of oral diseases with diseases of internal organs and systems are inseparable. Today experts from the field of health again came to the conclusion that there is a clear correlation between healthy mouth and overall health.

Very few people thought that the relationship of oral diseases with diseases of internal organs and systems are inextricably

As it turned out, the inflammation that is localized in the oral cavity may contribute to the development of many Continue reading

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